September 22, 2023

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An Swartenbroekx lives in Spain: "Bieke is 'Marc Coucke' from 'FC De Kampioenen' | Showbiz

An Swartenbroekx lives in Spain: “Bieke is ‘Marc Coucke’ from ‘FC De Kampioenen’ | Showbiz

bit widthAnyone with a warm heart for “FC De Kampioenen” will rejoice when they see the reunification. Swartenbroekx (Bieke) and Herman Verbruggen (Markske) are together again for a short while, to present the book ‘Duupje 3’. “Duupje” is a children’s book character created by Anne’s father, Rene Swartenbruecks, in the 1980s. Last year it breathed new life into the figure. Showbits reporter Yarn congratulated her on her new book. She now lives in Spain, so she doesn’t see Hermann much anymore. In fact, An is ‘Marc Coucke’ from ‘De Kampioenen,'” Hermann jokes. Check it out in new Schupts.

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