July 19, 2024

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Anderlecht is very disappointed after the defeat against Borussia Dortmund

Anderlecht is very disappointed after the defeat against Borussia Dortmund

RSC Anderlecht were supportive of Borussia Dortmund yesterday. The Germans’ victory in the final over Real Madrid was a huge favor for the purple and white European Union. This is not the case.

If Dortmund wins the final against Real Madrid, Anderlecht will secure qualification to the Europa League group stage. This is not the case now. Dortmund had chances, but wasted them or faced Thibaut Courtois with great force.

After the end of the first half, Real Madrid was very strong and managed to score two goals. Anderlecht now realizes that it must compete in the final qualifying rounds of the Europa League at the end of August. This certainly does not promise to be an easy task.

Group stage in the European League

The people of Brussels are likely to face a powerful opponent. Anderlecht still have the safety net of the Conference League, with their place in the group stage guaranteed on the condition that they are eliminated from the Europa League preliminary rounds.

Anderlecht are clearly hoping for the Europa League, where it is more interesting financially. Although Belgian clubs have more to look for in the conference league in terms of sport. They can look forward to the final there. This has already been demonstrated in recent years, with the quarter-finals and semi-finals being the final destination.

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