January 28, 2023

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Andre Hazes finally broke his silence: "I was in the darkest period of my life" |  showbiz

Andre Hazes finally broke his silence: “I was in the darkest period of my life” | showbiz

showbizIt was pretty quiet around André Hazes for a while. The Dutch singer suffered from exhaustion and therefore canceled several concerts, so that he could focus on his mental health. Now he says he is ready to talk about it, and is sharing his feelings with his followers on social media. “I started looking for professional help.”

Hazes decided in September of last year to take time off, because he said he was suffering from exhaustion. His administration said the “turbulent period” he was going through certainly played a role. And by that we mean his inability to act during the Corona pandemic, his loss of fame, and his turbulent love life. In March of 2021, he broke off his engagement to Monique Westenberg, with whom he shares son Dre (6) and had a blink relationship for years. Shortly thereafter, the singer started something with Sarah Van Solen, with whom he had been friends for a long time. A new flame erupted in him again in October 2021. A full sandwich for a relationship-level treatment, so. Finally, it was also possible that “untreated events” from his childhood had an effect on his mental health.

“Dear people, the moment has come for me to break the silence recently, so now I am sharing with you how I have been lately, and how I am doing now,” continues the Dutch folk singer. From the beach on Instagram. It is the first time he has taken care of his own problems.

“I was in the darkest period of my life. I lost myself trying to please everyone around me. When I tried to find myself again, I lost more and more people. I started looking for professional help because I needed it so much at the time. Just along the way To the basics in searching for myself. Knowing who I really am, what I want in my life and knowing what really makes me happy (and what not.) I stopped destroying my cold turkey body and consciously chose a long media silence. Not because I wanted to disappoint you fans, but because I I want to make a period of peace. Something I was really prepared for and that’s why things are going so well for me now.”

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He continues, “My documentary ‘Crossroads’ will soon be released on Videoland.” “I am showing my most vulnerable side and I think this has been difficult. You have come a long way and you deserve an honest documentary.”

“I have overcome many addictions, but I will never get rid of addiction to be able to sing to my audience. I miss you guys so much and can’t wait to come back. Where else can that be than at Holland Zingt Hazes 2023. I am really looking forward to To be able to sing again to the most loyal audience out there. Lots of love and happiness, Andrei.”

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