July 22, 2024

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“Andre Hazes has a new girlfriend, and her name is Sarah again” |  showbiz

“Andre Hazes has a new girlfriend, and her name is Sarah again” | showbiz

showbizAndre Hazes (28) will have a new girlfriend, who also happens to be called Sarah. This is what the Dutch press wrote. He was also spotted on a plane with her, and this was revealed on Yvonne Coldeweiger’s ‘Juice Channel’.

Dutch folk singer Andre Hazes is said to have found love again with a lady named Sarah Salah. They were going to meet each other in August of this year, at the Harbor Club in Vinkevin. In addition, they were recently spotted and photographed together on a plane bound for Dubai. The video appeared on the account of the well-known Dutch gossip of Yvonne Coldvier.

The Moroccan-Egyptian Sarah lives in Amsterdam and was trained as a physiotherapist at THIM Hogeschool in Nieuwegein (Utrecht).

amazing timing

It is no coincidence that the news is now leaked. André Hazes will be appearing in his special documentary series on the streaming channel Videoland starting October 19. Some Dutch media are speculating that Andre and the new Sarah have broken the news. The leaked video clip was caught so close to the photo that the two of them should have noticed. De Telegraaf wrote that the “photographer” on duty was none other than Andre’s cousin, Jarneau.

During the filming of the documentary, another Sarah was the hero in his life: Sarah Van Solen. That relationship was now on the rocks. Also appearing on the show will be his ex-fiancée Monique Westenberg – who is also the mother of his son Dre. Van Soelen initially tried to hire a lawyer to completely get her out of the series, but that didn’t work.

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