July 21, 2024

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Andre Hazys celebrates Christmas Eve with his ex-fiancée Monique |  showbiz

Andre Hazys celebrates Christmas Eve with his ex-fiancée Monique | showbiz

showbizAndré Hazes (28 years old) spent Christmas Eve with Monique Westenberg (44) and several friends. The two Dutch men showed this on social media.

“Happy day everyone. Lots of fun and love to you. Have fun together.” Through her birthday message on social media, Monique Westenberg adds a photo of herself with Andre Hazys and their son, Andre. The singer himself also shared the photo on his Instagram stories. He wrote, “As I roll, they are my rock.” So it is clear that the two celebrated Christmas Eve together, although they did not do it alone, as videos and photos on social media show that they celebrated Christmas with a whole group of friends, for example, Andrei posted greetings to his friends. “After all I’ve been through, I’m still ahead of these guys, next to me and behind me. I’m grateful for the past year and how our friendship and love has grown. I’m grateful to you!”

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Whether this also means the two of them are back together remains a mystery at the moment. Anyway, Andre and Monique really went through a turbulent period. They met almost ten years ago. Despite the sixteen year age difference, the spark really ran. Their love was sealed in 2016 with a son, Andrei. At the end of 2020, the singer got down on one knee (after the two had broken up for a while due to Hazis’ fault). Unfortunately, their relationship ended again after three months and the singer fell out with Sarah Van Solen. This relationship is now over. Andre and Monique remain in each other’s lives. In the summer they went on vacation together to Thailand.

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