February 2, 2023

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Android 13 has finally started rolling out

Android 13 has finally started rolling out

Nokia offers a reasonable update policy on paper, but in practice updates are implemented very slowly. Android 13 is rolling out just now for one of their devices, the affordable Nokia X10.

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Nokia X10: Android 13 update is rolling out in Europe

Just last week we wrote that the Android 13The update has been confirmed for several Nokia devices. Now the software is already being rolled out for one of these devices. We are talking about Nokia X10, an average price starting at 309 euros. The update can already be downloaded in Poland, but we have not yet received Dutch reports. However, we believe it won’t be long before the new software will also be downloaded here.

The device came on the market with Android 11 It works now Android 12. After this update, the Android 14 update and security updates will only be rolled out until June 2024. This means that the update policy can be called excellent on paper, but the rollout and its speed are a bit slow. Android 13 has been rolling out for a long time on devices from many competitors, including The GoogleAnd the SamsungAnd the Vivo And the I am realistic.

With Android 13 rolling out for the X10, it won’t be long before more Nokia devices follow. Among other things Nokia XR 20 5GAnd the Nokia X20 5GAnd the G50 And the Nokia G11 Plus Get the new software, too. This is certainly not all of the company’s devices. So check us out too Android 13 update overviewWhere you will find all the information.

More on the Nokia X10

Android planet He also tested the device extensively, but wasn’t really happy with it. In our final verdict, the device scored a meager six. Still curious about the whole story, check out Nokia X10 review.

What is the use of a smartphone that has been supported for a long time, but is not very pleasant to use? In our opinion, very little. The Nokia X10 is slow, has a very mediocre screen, and disappointing cameras. The update policy is excellent, but it can’t make up for all those negatives.

However, this long software support is the only reason to consider the Nokia X10. Do you do very little with your smartphone and want a device that you can use safely for a long time? Then you make a reasonable purchase with the X10. If you expect more from your phone, we recommend that you dig a little further.

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