June 2, 2023

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Android updates bring a lot of new features

Android updates bring a lot of new features

Google is launching a bunch of new features with the latest Android update, including more accurate iMessage responses.

Android lovers can rejoice again. Google is launching a series of new updates to its products. That technology site reports Engadget in a message. These updates with new features will be rolling out to a wide range of Android devices in the coming weeks.

Android Messages app users will work best with iMessage to begin with. When you send an emoji reply to a message via iMessage, this is always converted to text in the Android app. These reactions will soon appear in Messages as emojis as well. The feature will be rolled out to English speaking users first. Google has informed that additional languages ​​will follow at a later time.

You also get the option to put your messages in multiple inboxes. Google Photos will also have a permanent place within Messages. This allows you to link photos and videos from your albums. Gboard is also getting an upgrade as by default spelling is checked as you type. Emoji Kitchen is also expanded where you can combine and edit different emojis. YouTube links will also no longer appear as a link, but will appear directly as a video in your posts.

Not just messages

In addition, there are some other novelties and smaller ones. For example, there is an update of the nearby post. This makes it easy to share photos and the like with smartphones running Android 6 or higher. You can now select multiple recipients to forward files to. With birthdays on your calendar, you’ll also receive a little notification to know they’re coming up. There will also be a new widget that shows you the three apps you use most often during the day.

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Updates aren’t just for smartphones. Google TV also gets a Highlights tab where users can get recommendations for new series or movies. These are selected based on a previously viewed series.

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