October 1, 2022

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Angèle surprises her fans by unpacking the album a week ago

Angèle surprises her fans by unpacking the album a week ago

Via a live video on her Instagram account, Belgian singer Angèle surprised her fans by announcing that the album will be available at midnight. The album was originally scheduled to be released on December 10.

‘Surprise!!! The album will be released on the platforms a week ago!!! ‘,” the singer announced enthusiastically via Instagram.her second album ninety-five, referring to her year of birth,It won’t usually launch online until December 10, but that has been pushed back to midnight on December 3 – her birthday. The album will also be released in CD and record form, but that will happen as planned on December 10.

The livestream was announced in an Instagram post earlier this week. Linkebeekse has been placed in quarantine because she contracted the virus and therefore had to spend her birthday alone. So she invited her fans to celebrate her last day when she was 25 years old with her via an Instagram Live video. I then promised that a surprise was coming.

The album contains 12 songs From the single “Bruxelles, je t’aime”, previously released, and “Démons”, a collaboration with rapper Damso. The singer also announced that the clip accompanying “Démons” will be shown online on Friday afternoon.

Best favorite MIAs

Angèle is also a favorite in the dual edition of the Music Industry Awards (MIAs), the Flemish Music Awards. Nominated for a total of six times: in the Pop category, Solo Woman, Composer/Writer, Video (for Bruxelles je t’aime), Best Song of 2020 (‘Oui ou non’) and Hit of the Year 2021 (“Fever” with Dua). lipa). employment Previous version From the Museum of Islamic Art, the Brussels Statue is brought home with five figurines.

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The documentary is also currently working on Netflix AngelaIn which she talks about the defining moments of her young career. Tracks from her new songs can also be heard in the documentary.