November 27, 2022

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Anger over photos of Chechen leader's son who appears to be giving Ukrainians to his father

Anger over photos of Chechen leader’s son who appears to be giving Ukrainians to his father

Reported in a video showing Chechen Republic leader Ramzan Kadyrov handing over Ukrainian prisoners of war by his son, he writes News Week. Alex Kokcharov, a risk analyst in London, shared the photos on Twitter on Friday.

In this video from Grozny, the 16-year-old son of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov “gifts” his father three Ukrainian prisoners of war captured in Ukraine. If this is not theater but a real situation, then this is a case of modern slavery.

The video shows Russian soldiers walking with prisoners to Kadyrov, a staunch supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The detainees, who were identified as Ukrainian, had masks over their faces and their hands tied behind their backs.

Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger, Republican of Illinois, retweeted the photos Friday and wrote “Devils.” Kinzinger is one of the most vocal supporters of Ukraine in the US Congress.

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