September 30, 2023

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Angry farmers in the Netherlands on their way to the police station to shoot a tractor (16) for free

Angry farmers in the Netherlands on their way to the police station to shoot a tractor (16) for free

In addition to the parents’ request, Leeuwarden suspects that other groups would like to join the event. “We come here for Jouke, not to stir up trouble,” says Koopmans, who says the mobile unit and police on horseback are also ready. By the way, these cannot be seen in Leeuwarden. The request to leave is fulfilled collectively and without hesitation. Activists may return on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

The minor, like a 34-year-old and 46-year-old, was arrested on charges of attempted murder during a farmers’ protest along the A32 motorway on Tuesday. The Public Prosecution announced this on Wednesday afternoon. The suspects are being held in Leeuwarden.

Mark van den Auever of the Farmers Defense Force called for a demonstration at the police station via a YouTube video message. According to the foreman, the minor was wrongly arrested. About two dozen tractors and sympathizers gathered there Wednesday afternoon, and vans of police and officers blocked the entrance to the office. The atmosphere was nice. And it sounded among those present at Leeuwarden: “He must be released, and that is why we are here.” “To be suspected of attempted murder is ridiculous. He is seen as the biggest criminal in the Netherlands, as a Taghi, which is absurd.”

Warning shots

The suspects were arrested after a police move, during which targeted shots and warning shots were fired. A tractor was hit by a bullet. Pictures of the accident spread on social media, including a bullet hole in a tractor. Video clip shows officers appearing on the road with their rifles drawn as a tractor drives a trailer near a police checkpoint. Then shots can be heard in the video. There is no indication that the officers are being run over.

The FDD’s call for protest follows a period of relative silence on social media, among other things. The working group said it had not been involved in organizing or coordinating the farmers’ protests recently. A North Holland Police spokesperson announced earlier that he was aware of the FDD call. “We always prepare ourselves in such situations. We will see how the situation develops.”

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