November 27, 2022

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Angry tourist destroys statues in the Vatican Museums because he can't see the Pope

Angry tourist destroys statues in the Vatican Museums because he can’t see the Pope

After a very long period of closure or limited access due to the Corona pandemic, the Vatican Museums can now receive a lot of tourists again. Before Corona, about 6 million visitors came every year. At the time, this had already raised concerns among art connoisseurs and tour guides. The Vatican Museums, housed in antique buildings, are in many places ill-equipped to accommodate thousands of visitors every hour.

Now that the influx of tourists is on the rise again, the concern is also growing. With the Holy Year approaching in 2025, the Vatican therefore wants to focus more on security. There is already an extensive and sophisticated video surveillance system.

The most famous attack on a work of art in the Vatican occurred in 1972. Then a Hungarian man jumped off a side altar in St. beta by Renaissance artist Michelangelo with a hammer. He cut off Madonna’s left arm and broke her nose and veil. The artwork has since been displayed behind bulletproof glass.

Last summer, tourists caused even more panic among the residents of Rome. So it became Canadian woman caught rubbing her name in the Colosseum. American tourists ride their motorcycles on the Spanish Stepsand hA tourist from Saudi Arabia drove his rented Spani Steps sports car at night.

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