December 6, 2022

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Animals in the dark have gloomy faces

Animals in the dark have gloomy faces

Even the smallest part of the light is used

The special family of mother-of-pearl fish lives mainly in semi-darkness, at a depth of 200-600 meters below sea level. Light eyes protrude like tubes from the head. With this shape and color, the fish use every bit of sunlight that gets into them.

Grottenolm no longer cares about the eyes

Ulm lives in the caves of southern Europe. Since there is no light, the animal does not need eyes that have been reduced to two points. At the same time, the Olms developed gills, so that they could remain submerged at all times.

Snake looking for body heat

In the dark, a green dog-headed snake wraps around a branch and waits for rodents to pass. The snake has the longest fangs of all snakes and finds its prey using the heat-sensitive senses of its jaw.

The fold of the skin makes the juice run into the mouth

Centurio senex female bats don’t think about a face-lift. The bat eats the ripe fruit, and the juice falls into its mouth through the folds of the skin. During the mating season, the male pulls a white fold of fur above his chin, which can be clearly seen in the dark.

22 tentacles to touch

The star mole probably has the strangest nose in the animal kingdom, consisting of 22 so-called nose claws. Each probe contains 25,000 sensitive receptors, which the mole uses to quickly find worms and other animals in the soil.

Yellow-eyed primate rules at night

The ayesome picks up the larvae from their burrows with their long fingers. This largest nocturnal mammal on Earth lives only in Madagascar. Its eyes are yellow due to a reflective coating that enhances night vision.

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