January 29, 2023

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Wegrit bij vrouwen? "Vos en Longo Borghini zijn favoriet, De Wilde kan aanhangen voor beloftenwereldtitel".

“Anime Van Vleuten crash could be a boon for the Netherlands in the road race” | cycling world championship

And on Saturday morning, the women’s road race was included in the World Cup program, where two world titles will be awarded. One of the elite women and one of the promised women. Robin van Gucht and Ein Payne are looking forward. “Will the team atmosphere among the Dutch women be perfect this time?”

dominance Anime Van Vleuten (39) is about to explode. The Dutch – how could it be otherwise – were the frontrunners, but Wolverine fell hard on Wednesday. She is fully bruised and has a “stable fracture of her elbow”. However it will start (usually).

“Even before the mixed team moved, we thought Annemiek van Vleuten as a prime candidate,” says commentator Ine Beyen. “We’ll only see the impact of her crash on Saturday. I’m afraid it’s not good anyway.”

The story of bad luck changes the tactical picture greatly. Van Vleuten’s French fries on Mount Keira would have been predictable in the running loop, but that plan may now be ready for the scrap heap. Does this offer prospects for its citizens?

“For me, there is now only one favourite,” Robin van Gucht said. “Marian Voss. ”

“I think it would be a blessing for the Netherlands to have Van Vleuten crash,” van Gucht continues.

“If you start with half the authority, the division of roles becomes clearer. Voss as leader and Fullering as shadow leader.”

“The Italian and Dutch bloc are two teams that should dominate the race,” adds Payne.

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“Whether the team atmosphere with the Dutch will be perfect this time around is still a big question.” This suspicion lives on after the fiasco in Tokyo and Leuven.

For me, there’s a favorite one right now, Marianne Voss

Robin van Gucht

The final stage is tailor-made for Elisa Longo Borghini.

But there is more than just Orange.

“Of course we must not forget Italy with Elisa Longo Borghini. They have the strongest team,” explains Van Gucht. “And Elisa Balsamo?” Bein asks out loud.

“The course is more difficult than it was in Leuven and I think Balsamo didn’t have enough
The climber is to survive,” van Gucht continues. Then I think Longo Borghini can quickly take on the role of leader. “

“We’ve seen Longo Borghini do a great job in the mixed team relay,” says Payne. “After the last climb, there are only 8 kilometers left to the finish, which fits her perfectly.”

“It is a cycle where a small group survives and then comes quickly Grace Brown And the Marilyn Rosserwho can handle a difficult track”, says Van Gucht. “Braun is second in Liege-Bastogne-Liege and has already won Brabantsi Beagle.”

Elisa Longo Borghini.

“Not sure where Kubiki is stranded”

The Belgian group is looking for one woman, Lotte Kubicki. The winner of the Tour of Flanders and the Strade Bianche became the world champion in a one-day action this spring.

“I don’t really know where Kubicki will end up,” Robin van Gucht says in desperation.

In Pine: “In terms of intrinsic qualities, it will be able to handle the course, just haven’t seen Lotte Kopecky in the spring in recent months.”

“I’ve ridden a lot with the Giro Don, the Tour, the European Championship track and the Vuelta,” says Van Gucht.

“Voss was more selective. She didn’t ride the Vuelta and specifically prepared her for height and focused on the World Cup. Kubicki didn’t.”

Lotte Kobeki.

‘It is enough to be a runner’

You will ride the Women’s Promise in a road race with the women’s elite. But then the top 3 promises were placed on a separate platform for the World Cup.

“You would have thought at first Sherine from Norwaybut she was on the trial of time

A little lower and then quickly look at the Belgians Julie de Wilde‘ says Ini Payne.

“The difference in tactics with promises is that they don’t have to make the race themselves, just joining in is enough and as a runner you have the advantage,” Robin van Gucht adds. And Julie De Wilde is the best female runner. in promises.”

“So the question is whether Van Anroy will have to work in the Netherlands,” Bein asks. “Van Anroy will likely have to do this, while Julie will never have to.”

“Forget Vittoria Jawazini No,” says Van Gucht excitedly. She’s driving a great experience for the world championship (where she took the title), and I won’t lose sight of that either. ”

“And it will always appear out of nowhere. But Julie de Wilde is a big competitor. She’s already having a great season and has 3 more years of promise.”

“It will be a very exciting match,” Van Gucht concludes.

Schedule and results of the 2022 World Cycling Championship
Sunday 18 September Elite Women Trial 34.2 km 1.35 AM – 4.30 AM Elaine Van Dyck (Ned) Report
Elite men’s trial time 34.2 km 5.40 AM – 9.00 AM Tobias Voss (No) Report
Monday 19 September Men time trial promises 28.8 km 5.20 AM – 9.00 AM Soren Wernskgold (No) Report
Tuesday 20 September Junior Women Trial Time 14.1 km 1.30 am – 3 am Zoe Baxtedt (Great Britain) Report
Trial time young men 28.8 km 5.20 AM – 9.00 AM Joshua Tarling (Great Britain) Report
Wednesday, September 21 mixed redemption 28.2 km 6.20 AM – 9.00 AM Switzerland Report
Friday 23 September young men road racing 135.6 km 0.30 AM – 4.00 AM Emil Herzog (Germany) Report
Promises men ride the road 169.8 km 5.00 AM – 9.15 AM Yevgeny Fedorov (Kaz) Report
Saturday 24 September Junior road race 67.2 km 0.00 AM – 1.55 AM
Elite women’s road racing 164.3 km 3.55 AM – 9.00 AM
Sunday 25 September Elite men’s road racing 266.9 km 2.00 AM – 8.50 AM