February 6, 2023

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Anna Sorokin hires new lawyers to stay in the US

Anna Sorokin, as we know her as Anna Delvi, continues to try to stay in the United States. A few weeks ago, the court ruled that he should leave the country and return to Germany, but Sorokin is doing everything he can to prevent it. Now he has appointed a new legal committee to challenge deportation.

Through the Netflix series Discovering Anna Everyone knows the story of Anna Sorokin Anna Delvy. She led a life of luxury until she was arrested. Even though the story of the Netflix series is over, the story of the real one remains the same Anna Delvy Is solid. These are the latest developments in this case.


As seen at the end Discovering Anna, Anna Delvy was fined and imprisoned. As a result, he was jailed from April 2019 to February 2021. One month after his release, he was re-arrested. This time through Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She was staying in the United States illegally because her visa was not valid.

Sorokin was re-incarcerated and spent more than a year in prison. Until last month she was said to be He had to leave the country permanently and return to GermanyBut he is currently fighting against that decision.

New Legislative Committee

It was already clear that Anna Sorokin was not going to resign to this decision. Now it turns out that he has appointed a new legal committee for this. In Discovering Anna Sorokin is assisted by lawyer Todd Spotek, but after his conviction he is replaced by Audrey A. Changed to Thomas. Until recently, Thomas was his regular lawyer.

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But now Sorokin has taken on a whole new set of lawyers. It’s about Manny Aurora, who will assist in his criminal investigation, and Charles Cook, who deals with deportation.

“Ungrateful b * tch

The first project of Sorokin’s new team was to use the Losada movement. As a result, the case is reopened because the previous lawyer did not do his job properly. Sorokin has already written a letter in which he indicates that Thomas is not doing his job properly.

Thomas commented Who is inside Already in that letter. He also called Anna Sorokin a “thankless man.” b * tch“There is.” I invested my own money to help Anna. “Thomas thinks the movement will not succeed because he has done his job.