January 25, 2022

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Another Dutch invasion of Antwerp: "Our economy is collapsing. The good of the Belgians "(Interior)

Another Dutch invasion of Antwerp: “Our economy is collapsing. The good of the Belgians “(Interior)

Last week was also very busy thanks to many Dutch © rr

It will be very crowded in Antwerp on Monday, thanks to the many Dutch who have crossed the border in search of a shopping opportunity. Our reporter in Meir and in the Wijnegem shopping center saw how our northern neighbors – despite all calls to stay at home – came again to Belgium en masse. “Our economy will collapse. Good from the Belgians.”

Michelle, horny, nick at Vicki © cdh

In the Wijnegem shopping center you have to brave lines of 30 meters in some shops. Drongen’s Corné, Vicky and Nick would like to do this to celebrate daughter/sister Michelle’s birthday. “You will be 16, but what a sad birthday: there is no party, no shops open in Holland to buy gifts. Then we will celebrate here, very relieved that everyone is here. Our economy is going to collapse. Good for Belgians. Take advantage of it.”

Annie and Meryl prefer not to be photographed because “politics” demands that they not go shopping in Belgium. “It’s not that we get negative reactions here, but back home in the Netherlands, it’s taboo for some to come here,” it seems. “But nevertheless: we are glad we are here. We are going to have a nice day. We hope for good deals.”

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It is also very crowded in the center of Antwerp. “It’s busier on the Meir River than it was last week,” the hosts said. But the shopkeepers are happy with the crowds. “Dutch people are a godsend,” said Carol Teusen, manager of shoe store West-End. “We are selling more shoes than ever before, and colleagues in the hospitality industry are thrilled: the champagne flows freely. The Dutch are in a festive mood.”

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