October 3, 2023

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Another important driver is leaving Twitter |  News

Another important driver is leaving Twitter | News

Ella Irwin confirmed her departure, previously reported by Fortune business magazine, in an email to several US news outlets. The reasons for her resignation are not clear. Twitter still responded to questions from the press with smiling poo.

According to current and former Twitter employees, Irwin has been one of Musk’s most trusted executives, willing to enforce and defend his decisions regarding posts on the social media platform. The rules have been relaxed under Musk. Irwin was also heavily involved in account suspensions and regularly responded to Twitter users who had their accounts banned.

However, many advertisers and users on Twitter felt that the platform had become too “welcoming” to hate speech under Musk. Musk said in March that Twitter ad revenue has fallen by half since October. In early May, Musk announced that Linda Iaccarino would become the new CEO of Twitter. She is currently working as the Advertising Director for the American media giant NBC Universal.

Irwin is the second trust and safety chief to step down since Musk took over Twitter. The first, Yoel Roth, left in November. After his departure, Roth was highly critical of the company’s policies.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton reported at the end of May that Twitter was no longer bound by the voluntary European Code of Conduct for Internet Platforms and had left this EU agreement. According to Breton, this does not mean that Twitter is evading certain obligations, because combating disinformation will become a legal obligation for online platforms from August 25 under the important EU legislative, the Digital Services Act (DSA).

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