October 3, 2023

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Another new Chinese brand for Holland: Omoda from Chery

Another new Chinese brand for Holland: Omoda from Chery

Anyone who, for whatever reason, does not support the growing number of Chinese brands entering the European and Dutch markets can get their chest wet. Another Chinese car brand coming to the Netherlands: Omoda. Omoda is not only a Dutch fashion brand, but also a car brand from the Chinese Chery.

MG, Aiways, Hongqi, Xpeng, Nio, BYD, HiPhi, Zeekr, Ora, Wey, Lynk & Co: the list of Chinese car brands from which you can buy electric cars in the Netherlands or Europe is growing every month. Another major player yet to venture onto the European stage, but that will change next year. Chinese automaker Chery will bring one of its brands to Europe next year: Omoda. Is Omoda also coming to the Netherlands? naturally.

Geely is certainly not the main Chinese automaker that manages a large number of brands. Chery carries its models in its home country of China under different brands. In addition to lines of models such as Arrizo, Tiggo, and QQ, it already carries several brand names in the form of Exeed and Jetour. One of the brands Chery has come up with for export markets is Omoda. Omoda has already been used as a fashion line within the ranks of Cherie. For example, there is already a Chery Omoda 5. Export brand Omoda already carries rebranded versions of the Chery Arrizo 5 and Chery Arrizo 5 Plus in Russia and Mexico, among others, and will also supply the aforementioned Chery Omoda 5 simply as the Omoda 5. Omoda 5 is an SUV that is available as an electric car and petrol engines. It is the Omoda 5 that will come – only as an electric vehicle – to the Netherlands in 2024.

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Chery Omoda 5 with petrol engines has a completely different introduction than Omoda 5 EV.

Omoda 5EV

Omoda has already presented its products for cars in southern Europe, but it will also come to Benelux in 2024. Omoda – which stands for “O”, among others oxygen (oxygen) and “Moda” means “modern” – in its own words aimed at “new-age, young-minded consumers”. What that means more concretely: Omoda comes with electric crossovers and SUVs in B and C classes.

Chery Omoda 5EV

In any case, the 5 Euro NCAP stars are already there.

We do not yet have the comprehensive technical specifications of the Omoda 5 EV coming to the Netherlands. We know that the Chinese electric variant has a 61-kWh battery pack and a 224-hp electric motor. The electric Omoda 5 EV has a different front end than the petrol-engined SUV versions. In any case, the petrol versions are available with two displays placed together in one panel, each with a diagonal of 10.25 inches. Seems to be good for security. In December, Omoda 5 – with a petrol engine – was already registered 5 full stars Through the famous Euro NCAP safety tests.

Omoda and Holland

Where can you buy the electric Omoda 5 EV soon? This is not entirely clear yet. An AutoWeek spokesperson says dealer selection will begin at the beginning of July and the first explorations are currently taking place.

Anyone familiar with the Omoda brand name in the Netherlands is right. Omoda is also a Dutch fashion house. An Omoda spokesperson says that these names do not conflict with each other. Eea legally and because vetted the cars It’s a completely different field fashion There will also be no problems in the Netherlands with the use of the Omoda brand name for cars.

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