March 28, 2023

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Antwerp announces great news from the infirmary: the best start to the season for players is part of the selection

Antwerp is gradually raising the bar towards the playoffs. They also hope to recover some of the boys who are in the infirmary.

Throughout the season, Antwerp coach Mark van Bommel had to call up several youngsters from the Young Reds squad to help out with the team due to injuries. great. All the boys did well, but we had to watch out for when the injured would come back.


One of the injured is Toby Alderweireld. The captain went off in the cup match against Union, but it is not yet certain if he will make it to Sunday’s match against Charleroi. He’ll also be a dime on his side for Vines.

of course no

Those who will definitely not be present are midfielders Calvin Stings and Peter Jerkins. Jerkins made his selection at the end of February after more than two months out, but then suffered a setback. Winger Anthony Valencia also has to wait his turn in the infirmary.

Who will be there, midfielder Hassan Youssef. The 22-year-old Nigerian midfielder has been out with a muscle injury since the end of December and will therefore be part of Van Bommel’s heart again for the first time in nearly three months.

Who then?

It remains to be seen if he will play as well. The role of Joseph is played fictionally by a young Arthur Vermeren. So Van Bommel may have to switch because Youssef was one of the absolute stars in Antwerp in the early months of the season.

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