November 29, 2022

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Antwerp goalkeeper Jan Botiz talks about his move to Club Brugge |  Football 24

Antwerp goalkeeper Jan Botiz talks about his move to Club Brugge | Football 24

Wed 20 Apr 2022 – 11:00 am by Editors

Many observers are still surprised that Antwerp entered their first-ever match. But then goalkeeper Jan Botize appeared in the photo.

Because the French goalkeeper had a great share in the qualifiers with his excellent performance. And they say he could have played for… Club Brugge with the same money. But it was his then club Mouscron that denied the goalkeeper a move to Blue-Black in 2019.

Which made him very angry. “Sure,” he turned around Newspaper Back to the event. Mouscron was very greedy. Although he has dealt with it now. More: “But in the end it was a happy accident. Perhaps the move to Club Brugge turned out to be too big.”

Especially because Blue and Black played the Champions League at that time. “It was very interesting for me to grow up with Antwerp,” Potiz continues. “Maybe I should thank Mouscron that they then asked me for six million euros. Today I am one of the best goalkeepers in Belgium and I can look further.”

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Vooral omdat blauw-zwart toen Champions League speelde. "Voor mij was het interessant om samen met Antwerp te groeien", vervolgt Butez. "Ik moet Moeskroen wellicht bedanken dat ze toen zes miljoen euro vroegen voor mij. Vandaag ben ik een van de beste doelmannen van België en mag ik zelfs verder kijken."


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