December 7, 2023

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Antwerp blijft tweede na makkelijke thuiszege tegen KV Oostende, dat zich mag opmaken voor degradatievoetbal

Antwerp remain in second place after an easy home win over KV Ooste…

Avoid the vault: There’s nothing left in it for KV Oostende this season. After a fifth consecutive defeat – again with strong personalities – the Kustboys continued their free fall. Antwerp never had to be really good to cheat KVO, thanks to the excellent Fischer. ?

The sea is getting rougher with the week for KV Oostende. And last weekend KVO could call itself The Biggest Loser. I saw them take turns on points, teams downstairs. Syring and Zolt Vargem move up, but only Bierchot loses. The fact that KV Oostende has also lost for the fifth time in a row certainly means he has been relegated this season. One cannot ignore it anymore. The Kustboys’ mission: Avoid the last two places with this mediocre team. There is nothing more this year.

Blessin put together a nugget on the Tawny Owl, which may have led to an unexpected point. Antwerp, which saw Nainggolan withdraw six minutes after a muscle injury, biting teeth for a long time. Antwerp was offensively very dirty – Frey, among other things, did not know his day. On the flip side, KV Oostende couldn’t have done a much better job. A boring, poor first half led to a logical 0-0 – here and there there was some grumbling in the stands. It was all very chaotic, but good: Ostend was glad to be alive.

free fall

After the break, our patience was not tested much: we had just started before we saw a target. Samatta was sent to the alley and served to Fisher, who had to blow the ball. The spell was broken and Antwerp continued their momentum: former Ostender Verstreit saw his shot that Hubert had just stopped, but during the ensuing corner, he headed Frey into the 2-0 score. The match is played, and with half an hour to play, it’s time to beware of pimping. Fortunately for KVO, Samatta left early with a quick third goal: his header was ruled out for offside.

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Antwerp kept pushing at the right moments, while Ostend only had one good chance to return the favor. Ambrose had a chance to dominate and shoot calmly after a good play by Bätzner, but oddly enough, he chose to lie down again. So we didn’t get a calling target, but we did get some gifts for Antwerp fans. Benson scored a superb goal after a foul by Capone: 3-0. Blissin hid himself deeply in his winter coat: he must have wondered more than once how to proceed. The margin at Beerschot is still eight points, but the level and free fall in KVO are worrisome. Circle, among other things, is getting closer: the return leg against Yubin next week could turn out to be very important.