January 28, 2023

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Antwerp pakt op het nippertje belangrijke zege tegen Zulte Waregem, invaller Ally Samatta is redder in nood

Antwerp score important win over Zolt Vargem in time, substitute Ally Samatta is the savior

Antwerp booked a difficult 1-0 win over Zulte Wargem at home. The hosts dominated and created chances, but it wasn’t until the 83rd minute before substitute Ally Samatta made the redemption and put it 1-0 on the scoreboard. An important goal from Samagoal, because Antwerp jumps to provisional third place in the standings. Press again on Anderlecht and Gent for a place in the playoff 1.

Antwerp is feeling a hot AA Gent in the neck and need the three points to make sure it’s still in the top four after this weekend. Brian Bryskey’s forces led by Ritchie De Lait started the match strong. De Lat returned to the starting lineup after missing the match day. The Antwerp captain needed a rest after the derby against Berchot and was missing against Anderlecht. Last week he trained again with the group and Briskey immediately dropped him against Zulte Wargem at the base.

Antwerp collected chance after chance against the immature Zolt Vargem. Three minutes later, Frye was there for the first time with a shot, but Bossuet went down well. Moments later, Firststreet did the same, and Bosot held out again. Antwerp pressure continued and this resulted in an early goal from Frey. He hit the ball into the net, but the goal was disallowed due to a former Baliquicha offside.

Photo: BELGA

After more than twenty minutes the duo is back there again. Fry was shown a goal scored by Baliquicha. The winger passed two men to the left and then drew the ball perfectly on Frey’s split head. However, the attacker headed out of the column.

Jerkins, Benson and Verstreet again, with a ball on the post, also tried to open the score, but to no avail. With the match going, we went to rest 0-0. Zolt Wargem could have made sure to keep the match after Syring’s draw against OHL, but West Flemings barely played. Only Gano was able to force Botiz to a save after a fine cross from Ciranni behind the defence.

Samagoal does it

We got more of the same in the second half. Antwerp led the attack, Vargem Zolt lay on the counter. Nainggolan saw his shot veer past the goal. Baliquicha continued his beautiful dash on the left, although the Zolt Varegem players didn’t make it difficult for him, but he couldn’t finish the match. Baliquicha hit a shot too wild, causing the ball to tip over.

On the other hand, Dombe was apparently on the field as well, only in the second half touching Antwerp’s backline for the first time. He then managed to find Gili Vossen with a good deep pass, but De Lati nipped the danger in the bud with a good comeback. A little later, Dombey hit the target once, but could not get past Buttiz. So much for the attempts and despised diet. Timmy Simmons dragged Vossen to the side for Dion Coles and now he’s totally speculating about a goalless draw.

Antwerp score important win over Zolt Vargem in time, substitute Ally Samatta is the savior

Photo: Isosport

On the other hand, Brysky knew that Antwerp must win at all costs, and fifteen minutes before the end of the match, Samatta also joined the team. Antwerp got more punches up front and that almost led to the winning goal. After all, Samatta was scoring 1-0 on the foot, but the substitute failed to control a superb pass from Frey in the sixteen. chance missed. Moments later, Samata corrected his fatal mistake. Myioshi gave a sharp cross and like a demon from a box, Samagoal appeared to a hopeless Bosot. Finally, Antwerp’s deserved lead was on the board. For Samatta, this is only his fifth goal in the league this season, but that was an important goal.

Thanks to the 1-0 win, Antwerp move up to third in the standings for the time being and press for a place in the playoffs 1 again against Anderlecht and Gent, who are looking at each other on Sunday.

Antwerp score important win over Zolt Vargem in time, substitute Ally Samatta is the savior

Photo: Isosport

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