February 9, 2023

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'Antwerp shocked: uproar about Marc Overmars in new scandal' |  Football 24

‘Antwerp shocked: uproar about Marc Overmars in new scandal’ | Football 24

Friday 08 April 2022 – 12:00 am by the editorial board

The storm subsided after the appointment of Marc Overmars as technical director at Antwerp in the meantime. They would be happy to do so in Great Old.

He was found guilty of misconduct at Ajax and was expelled for this. in the Dutch programme Angry Journalists went looking for Overmars in the context of another scandal.

Xpose Protocol is a cryptocurrency that entered the crypto world in 2021. In a short period of time, the coin became very popular and this had something to do with their marketing campaign. You can make additional profit by introducing new members or buyers.

In May 2021, Marc Overmars began working there as a consultant, causing a sudden increase in value. A few days later, the exchange rate dropped from $120 million to $7,000. As a result, about 20,000 people lost a lot of money. opportunity?


The place seems to stink. This is what they wanted Angry Find out, but Mark Overmers seems unwilling to cooperate. Tim Hofman and his team went to the Tawny Owl, but were unable to catch him.

The Dutchman quickly jumped into his car and drove away with lightning speed. Hoffman tried to chase after him, but was forced to surrender. “When he started doing strange traffic maneuvers, we had to give up. After all, it shouldn’t become unsafe,” he said.

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Xpose Protocol is een cryptomunt die in 2021 zijn intreding maakte in de cryptowereld. Op korte tijd werd de munt razend populair en dat had alles te maken met hun marketingcampagne. Bij het aanbrengen van nieuwe leden of of kopers kon je namelijk extra winst maken.

In mei 2021 ging Marc Overmars er aan de slag als adviseur, waardoor de waarde plots enorm steeg. Enkele dagen later kelderde de koers enorm van 120 miljoen dollar naar 7.000 dollar. Ongeveer 20.000 mensen verloren daardoor heel wat geld. Toeval?


Het ziet ernaar uit dat het zaakje stinkt. Dat wouden ze bij BOOS uitzoeken, maar Marc Overmars lijkt maar niet te willen meewerken. Tim Hofman en zijn team trokken zelfs naar de Bosuil, maar kregen hem niet te pakken.

De Nederlander sprong vlug in zijn wagen en reed razendsnel weg. Hofman probeerde hem te achtervolgen, maar moest afhaken. "Toen hij rare verkeersmanoeuvres ging maken moesten we afhaken. Het moet immers niet onveilig worden", zei hij.



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