March 30, 2023

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Anyone who rents on Airbnb is no longer allowed to party

Anyone who rents on Airbnb is no longer allowed to party

Airbnb permanently prohibits customers from hosting parties on stays they have booked through the platform. The American company had imposed a temporary ban on the party during the Corona pandemic. At the time, venues were often reserved for closed parties.

Airbnb steps up its fight against party renters. It already banned parties in August last year, after tenants repeatedly abused the platform to hold illegal closing parties. Sometimes those parties were also brought to court† At the time, it seemed strict that “anyone who displays or permits this behavior is not affiliated with our platform.” Despite the relaxation of Corona measures now, Airbnb is sticking with that status.

This procedure has grown into much more than just a health procedure. It has become an essential part of our policy to protect landlords and their neighbors.” According to Airbnb, the number of complaints about party behavior fell by 44 percent.

The rental platform does not give a clear definition of the party, but it can be concluded from the text that the line is drawn in case of inconvenience and complaints from neighbors. Owners can no longer indicate that parties are allowed on their property. Parties with open invitations, such as the Facebook event, have been banned for some time. Airbnb has also taken a series of actions against nearby areas known as “party houses” after a gathering of more than 100 people in San Francisco ended in a deadly shooting.

Airbnb stops capping the maximum number of guests allowed. During the Corona pandemic, accommodation was limited to 16 guests, but the company believes that family gatherings and group trips should still be possible. Anyone who does not comply with the rules risks suspension or expulsion from the platform. Last year, more than 6,600 members were suspended for this reason.

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