July 25, 2024

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Apple and Ericsson sign mobile technology licensing agreement – IT Pro – News

Apple and Ericsson have entered into a license agreement for the use of “standard mobile technology and other patent rights”. With this, the companies put an end to a years-long legal battle.

Erickson writes In a statement that the license agreement is “multi-year and globally valid”. As part of the agreement, all legal disputes between the two companies were settled. What exactly Apple and Ericsson agreed on is not fully known.

Technology companies have filed several lawsuits against each other in recent years. Apple sued Ericsson in 2015 because its LTE patents were allegedly undervalued by the Swedish company. However, Ericsson hit back with its own lawsuit alleging that iPhones and iPads infringed on its patented ideas. the two companies However, he came to an agreementwhich lasted seven years.

As the agreement was about to expire, Ericsson filed a new lawsuit in October 2021. Apple no Ericsson patents Systematically undervalued. Another lawsuit followed in January 2022. A lawsuit was filed against Apple Alleging infringement of Ericsson’s 5G patents and other network technology patents.

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