July 25, 2024

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Apple concludes a “deal” with its arch-rival to obtain the first foldable iPhone

Apple concludes a “deal” with its arch-rival to obtain the first foldable iPhone

The first foldable iPhone could easily feature a screen from Samsung. The iPhone maker has reportedly signed a deal with the display arm of its main South Korean competitor to supply foldable displays.

As reported by the Taiwanese newspaper Digi Times Based on sources within the display supply chain. Apple has reportedly entered into an agreement with Samsung Display to “develop a foldable device.” There is no further information about the potential deal yet. Previously, there were also speculations about a possible collaboration between Apple and LG for foldable displays.

Other sounds that 9to5Mac collected earlier this month suggest a much larger foldable screen. Apple is said to be working on a 20.3-inch foldable screen device, which is scheduled to be released next year. Just a year later, the company wants to launch a foldable iPhone.

Screens from outside?

The latter is linked to a rumor from February. Then it turned out that Apple, despite the fact that the project had previously been postponed, was still working on a foldable iPhone. There are already working prototypes of the iPhone in two sizes. At the time, the company was said to be already in discussions with several Asian manufacturers about ordering components for the foldable phone.

The designers want to make the device half as thin as current iPhones, so that the phone is not too thick when folded. It will also be investigated whether the displays could be oriented outwards, so they could be used when the iPhone is folded.

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