November 27, 2022

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Apple: Emergency SOS via satellite available in US and Canada this month – Tablets and phones – News

It should still be free after those 2 years. It is a matter of life and death in some situations.

“Everything is free” Sorry, but that certainly doesn’t make sense here. Not even if Apple intervened.

Satellite Messaging, Satellite Internet or Satellite Calling is a service you can choose from for the customer. Often a substantial payment on a subscription and hardware developed specifically for that satellite network. You have chosen in advance whether you want to pay. When visiting remote areas, I carry a satellite phone with me for emergencies. So far, I’ve mainly had to help others who haven’t made (and spent) this choice. When struggling without mobile coverage, people’s first reaction is often to think that costs are overstated, until you can help them.

It’s a competitive market where Starlink is the latest challenger to local networks launched in China.

I mention Iridium (pagers, mobile emergency beacons, satellite phones with Motorola and Garmin), Globalstar, but also Inmarsat and domestically Durai and Beidou.

Why is a service that used to cost so much money suddenly become free? Globalstar isn’t really a busy network right now, I guess the deal with Apple is the network’s recovery. Iridium has contracts with the US government and military that ensured its continued existence after a previous bankruptcy. But prices for Iridium services are still pretty decent for Sears and Rescue (SAR).

Apple is now partnering with Globalstar to launch a new product and marketplace that will not only save Globalstar’s network, but also become a boon for Apple buyers. Don’t forget that Apple wants to compete with Chinese phone makers that also offer satellite coverage.

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