December 9, 2022

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Apple glasses almost ready: "already before the board of directors"

Apple glasses almost ready: “already before the board of directors”

say that Bloomberg Resources† The development of eyeglasses is said to be at a late stage. Recently, Apple has made “progress” in the development of the headset, which means that a new product may be introduced soon.

Apple executives are usually the first group outside of direct employees to see future products before they are revealed.

VR and AR

The headset offers a mixture of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). With augmented reality, users see images of reality, with virtual reality they see a completely virtual environment. According to Bloomberg, the speaker will have “high-end chipsets”, which can be compared to the latest chips in Macs, and “ultra-high-resolution” screens.

While the first model will offer both VR and AR, the company is also working on standalone AR glasses, but that model won’t be released until later this decade, according to Bloomberg.

2000 dollars

The glasses should work with Apple’s new virtual operating system. Source codes from Apple were already references to reality I found him. Apple has already made AR versions of many of its iPhone apps, according to Bloomberg. The glasses also get apps for photo streaming and video conferencing.

The first version of Apple’s glasses, which is rumored to be Apple’s vision It will be worth over $2000. Apple has been working on the headset since 2015.


More big tech companies are developing augmented reality glasses. Snapchat already has Like augmented reality glassesHowever, it is still only intended for app creators. Microsoft was for businesses HoloLensglasses as well Google glasses Currently intended for commercial use only. The evolution of the parent company Facebook augmented reality glasses For consumers who may reach the market in 2024.

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Apple may already offer a preview of the glasses during the annual WWDC Developer Conference in June. According to Bloomberg, a consumer release is planned for 2023.