September 30, 2023

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Apple glasses get a VR version of FaceTime

Apple glasses get a VR version of FaceTime

who – which Reports Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman. In addition to the VR version of FaceTime, Apple will also come with special versions of Maps, Notes, and Calendar for IndeedThe new operating system for virtual and augmented reality. Apple is also working on the next method Apple headphone The screen of a Mac can be viewed in 3D.

The glasses haven’t attended an Apple event yet

Apple has been on its own for years Mixed Reality Headsetbut the company probably won’t be showing the glasses tonight at its annual party WWDC Developer Conference† But even without a display of the device or VR platform, the company could already be showing app makers new possibilities for VR and AR experiences during WWDC.

According to Gurman, Apple will release a new version of SwiftUI to build AR and VR apps, among other things. Apple’s existing systems and development frameworks are also getting all kinds of innovations related to virtual and augmented reality.

Gestures and Siri

Apple wants apps for glasses to be able to track body movements, hand movements, and gestures, among other things. This will allow for hands-free operation of the headset. Third-party apps can also access a virtual keyboard and Siri voice assistant.

App makers will also get a new development environment for Macs, according to Gurman, so they can emulate both headphones and their apps. This allows them to work on their AR and VR applications without having to have Apple glasses themselves.

Hollywood entertainment

Gorman said Apple is also developing 3D versions of a variety of content, including private experiences around the Apple TV+ series and workouts from Fitness+. Therefore, Apple will also work with Hollywood directors, writes for the New York Times† Jon Favreau, known for the Marvel films and Star Wars series The Mandalorian, is one of the co-directors. Will work for Apple based on AR experience based on prehistoric planetDinosaur series on Apple TV+.

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According to sources from both Bloomberg and The New York Times, the Apple headset will not be released until 2023. The introduction could have been delayed, among other things, because the battery life of the glasses is still very limited. Earlier this year, this headset prototype already leaked It will get very hot

New MacBook Air

At WWDC, Apple could introduce another new product: a new MacBook Air with a design similar to the recent MacBook Pros and in several new colors. The new MacBook Air will have a 13-inch display, two USB-C ports, a MagSafe charging port, and Touch ID. This announcement may be delayed due to Apple suppliers suffer Corona measures in Chinese cities.