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Apple is still convinced that Samsung falsified the iPhone

Apple is still convinced that Samsung falsified the iPhone

“Insistence wins,” Apple must think. With the 15th anniversary of the advent of the iPhone, Apple is seizing the opportunity in-depth interview Once again accusing Samsung of copying the iPhone. One of the main characters in the interview is Greg Joswiak, Apple’s chief marketing officer. When asked about the rise of the Android phablet and the role Samsung played in it, his face darkened and he replied, “Annoying.”

Understandable, because when Apple had a successful product, which was only available in one size (3.5 inches), Samsung created the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S4, which were at least an inch larger. In addition, the design and icons were very familiar. But Josuyak goes further: “They stole our technology. They took the innovations we made, half of them and put a bigger screen on it. We weren’t happy with it.” He notes that the wounds have not yet healed, although legally they exist.

iPhone 5s next to the Galaxy S5 (Photo: Android salad

in 2011 Apple sued Samsung due to patent infringement. The claim was that Samsung adopted the look and feel of the iPhone 3GS. Samsung later filed a counterclaim itself, claiming that it was specifically imitated by Apple. It has become a protracted and costly issue. After millions of years, finally Quietly in 2018† But now Joswiak still talks about it with pity and sprinkles salt on old wounds, as if Samsung and Apple haven’t been partners in years. Apple uses suppliers for many components and parts, which they sometimes argue with (like Qualcomm). Samsung provides most of the OLED screens for iPhones.

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(Photo: the edge

Although the new hardware and icons looked very similar to Apple’s, it’s now clear that the designs are being driven by the market toward a similar approach: bigger screens, biometric security, thinner housing, better batteries and cameras. In addition, it can be said that Apple was inspired by the breadth of offer from manufacturers such as Samsung. This is how Apple presents now Eight different iPhones (iPhone 11 and SE each in two sizes: 12, 13 and 13 pro), instead of one.

When you talk to an executive about past conflicts, they usually mention how they led to growth and development. However, Joswiak is still really angry. Maybe this is a good thing. Perhaps this will lead to new innovation and Apple will try to hit Samsung where it really hurts: market share.

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