December 8, 2022

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Apple is working on a new desktop computer: Mac Studio

Apple is working on a new desktop computer: Mac Studio

Apple may soon release a new desktop computer: Mac Studio. It will be a computer located between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro. In addition, the company is working on a 7K display.

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Apple Mac Studio between Mac mini and Mac Pro

If you want to buy a desktop computer from Apple, you can currently choose from iMacMac mini And the Mac Pro† A fourth option may be added later this year. according to 9to5Mac Apple working on ‘Mac Studio’. This would be a computer somewhere between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro.

Apple will soon offer two versions of the device. The first works on the M1 Max chip that we also see in MacBook Pro 2021 You find. The second variant will get a more powerful processor. With the device, Apple is targeting professionals who want a fast PC, but for them the Mac Pro is just a step too far.

Mac Studio may become a larger version of Mac mini

A year ago we already read the rumor that Apple is said to be working on a smaller Mac Pro. According to 9to5Mac, this is actually a Mac studio. Apple may present the original as early as June at the WWDC Developer Conference. That would also give the company some time to further fiddle with the real new Mac Pro. This is probably the last computer to switch to Apple’s proprietary processors.

Apple is also working on a 7K display

In addition to Mac Studio, Apple is also working on a new high-resolution 7K monitor, according to 9to5Mac. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you much about the new screen just yet. It is unclear whether this will replace the expensive Pro Display XDR Or just add to the range. The shape is not yet known. By the way, Apple is also rumored to be developing More affordable screen† Possibly has a slightly lower resolution.

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