December 6, 2022

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Apple launches Pay with eyes

I asked Apple not long ago Patented For virtual reality glasses that can scan faces. The company will only use this technology to check the eyes, so the device will know who is using it and can even use it for payment. that leaked according to the information Swarm of two employees working on the project.

Oddly enough, almost nothing is known about the future of virtual reality for Apple. As the launch of the product approaches, the leaks will also increase.

Brand new push function

Apple’s VR glasses will allow FaceID payments. with a goal metaverse, a virtual world that some believe is the future, this feature is revolutionary and useful. After all, trading will also take place in the metaverse, which will soon be possible with a simple iris scan.

Virtual reality glasses come in different sizes and types. Apple is currently working on virtual reality glasses, which are also glasses for “real world” viewing. These hybrid glasses are known as “Augmented Reality”. Thus, the carrier can easily switch from the default to the “real” and vice versa.


Apple competes with its new inventions technology company Meta, which also recently launched virtual reality glasses announce. The new Meta Quest Pro glasses cost just under €1,800 and are therefore not suitable for fans right away.

As usual, Apple offers more luxury, by making the glasses, among other things, from mesh, aluminum and glass. This usually also increases the selling price. Apple’s VR glasses weigh less than the Meta, feature higher resolutions on their screens, and even an entirely new operating system: RealityOS.

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Just like the Meta VR glasses, Apple will also more clearly show what your eyes are looking at, which is why cameras should aim for your eyes anyway. Then the rest of the screen is rendered more vaguely, but you won’t see it anyway and it saves a lot of effort on the processor.” Dutch.