October 3, 2023

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Apple releases replacement program for Mac Studio

Apple releases replacement program for Mac Studio

Mac Studio replacement software

WWDC 2023 kicks off in just over a week and there are rumors of new hardware being announced there as well. So the rumor that Apple is coming up with a new trade-in program isn’t entirely coincidental. The list of models eligible for replacement corresponds to the devices expected during WWDC 2023. Among other things, there is talk of a 15-inch MacBook Air with an M2 chip. The rumor It comes from Mark Gorman from Bloomberg, adding, “Read what you will, I’m anticipating new Macs at WWDC.”

People who currently own a 13-inch MacBook Air or Pro may be interested in upgrading to the 15-inch model. The reason why Mac Studio is mentioned is not entirely clear. There are no rumors that Apple plans to release an updated Mac Studio or even a Mac Pro during WWDC 2023. Still It happens often That Apple started a trade-in program with no direct successor in the market. For example, you can already trade in a sixth-generation iPad mini, while there isn’t a seventh-generation iPad mini yet (and there doesn’t seem to be one at the moment). Since the Mac Studio is still running on the M1 chip, Apple can start a trade-in program for people who’d rather switch to the M2 chip, more precisely: a 14- or 16-inch MacBook Pro or Mac mini.

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Apple released Mac Studio exactly one year ago, on May 202nd. It is equipped with M1 Max or M1 Ultra chip. Gorman believes there are two successors in development, but he doesn’t know when they will be released. It was mentioned earlier that updating during WWDC would be a no-brainer. Perhaps Apple wants to wait until M3 chips are available to avoid jeopardizing Mac Pro sales.

The timing of the new barter program is remarkable: June 5, the same day as the main WWDC conference. This will mainly focus on software updates and the Reality Pro headset. We’re going live on Monday night and will report back on all ads. We will also provide more tips and explanations on the functions of the various programs in the coming weeks.

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