November 30, 2022

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Apple Switch distributor banned from selling insurance: 'Serious violations' |  iHLN

Apple Switch distributor banned from selling insurance: ‘Serious violations’ | iHLN

an AppleStore chain Switch, which is an Apple Premium distributor with 21 stores in our country, is no longer allowed to sell insurance in Belgium at this time. This was determined by the FSMA Financial Supervisory Agency. Foreign Ministry spokesman Matthew Saudoyer speaks of “serious violations of certain codes of conduct”.

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Switch had controversial selling techniques, About the consumer organization that received Test Aankoop dozens of complaints† After purchasing a smartphone, tablet, or computer, customers were saddled with an insurance contract they didn’t actually want. A former Switch employee testified to our editorial team that “Even a madman was framed”† The Aankoop tester also filed a complaint.

No complaints were received from the FSMA itself, but the inspectors began working after reporting problems to the Test Aankoop and Insurance Ombudsman Service.

This follows the results during inspections at various points of sale. Inspectors found that customers did not receive certain information prior to signing the contract, nor did they receive information documents from Switch vendors. In addition, the FSMA has proven it The sellers didn’t know the insurance products well themselves

“They also don’t ask for specific information they should ask customers about their needs. While they ask for other things like their music preferences or their favorite movies‘,” a FSMA spokesperson Saudoyer tells our editors. According to the FSMA, there has also been little oversight of the vendors.

The FSMA has now banned insurance marketing. The ban on selling insurance anymore is effective immediately.

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The switch takes thirty days to repair itself, Until April 1† The company will have to demonstrate that it has taken measures by that deadline. If there is no improvement yet, the FSMA can take additional measures. The authorization can then be withdrawn completely. “We will be monitoring that closely, being in contact with the company,” Saudweyer said.

The FSMA can do no more than revoke permission to sell insurance in the event of further violations. Justice can intervene if necessary. “They can criminal says an FSMA spokesperson. But whether it is too early to say: “I can’t tell you exactly how this file will develop yet.”

Apple has learned of the events, according to tech news site DataNews will not satisfied Stay up-to-date with what’s going on at Apple Premium Reseller. So far, the Switch hasn’t answered many questions from our editors.

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