November 29, 2023

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Apple to hold Unleashed event on October 18, possibly for new MacBooks – Computer – News

I have to say I appreciate the Touch Bar on my current MacBook Pro. I find it very useful to use universe controls on the Touch Bar, for example, to adjust brightness or volume, suggest a word as you type, or ArchiCAD’s built-in keyboard shortcuts. I had my first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and the only drawback of this model was replacing the physical escape key with a numeric one in the Touch Bar, I think this caused a lot of controversy and led to the fact that the Touch Bar was even more hated.

I will miss the Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro, but if it was an option now for €200-300 when assembled, I would ignore it anyway.

Personally, I think returning the SD card and/or USB-A would be a wrong move. Of course there are still people who use this, like photographers, etc, but the ‘pain they are in’ of having to buy a dongle and have the camera plugged in or connected directly to a MacBook is much less useful than the average MacBook Pro it would be better not to have one . You will then ask me what is the advantage of not having such ports and that is simply more room for other things like battery, thinner and lighter device, etc. You might also be thinking “It’s a MacBook forefront“It was designed for professionals and therefore the Pro should have such ports in particular. But Apple and we all users know that the MacBook Pro has become a regular consumer laptop, not because it is too poor in terms of performance, but because the average user buys it. Yes, no MacBook Air still sells better but MacBook Pro has simply become a consumer laptop despite its name.People think they need a professional device very quickly and due to the small price difference between Air and Pro, many people switch to Pro for example, not You can see this in desktops where the Pro variants are more expensive, as the Pro variants are used by real professionals who really need the horsepower.

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I hope the new MacBooks will have much improved cameras, a faster Apple silicon chip, a better GPU, more RAM, and a nice bonus will be a new design with an improved display.

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