March 30, 2023

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Apple Watch Series 8 features an iPhone favorite

Apple Watch Series 8 features an iPhone favorite

during the far– We just didn’t get to know each other with iPhone 14. Apple also revealed three new smartwatches: Apple Watch Series 8, SE, and Ultra.

Although the 8 Series doesn’t look like much in terms of upgrade, Apple has added pretty cool functionality. iPhone has had it for years and now you can also set power saving mode on your smartwatch!

Apple Watch Series 8 with great iPhone feature

The iPhone has had Low Power Mode for years, also known in the Netherlands as Power Saving Mode. This way, you can make more use of your smartphone’s battery life. Certain functions are blocked and the screen is dimmed. Everything to ensure your iPhone lasts a little longer.

The biggest comment on the Apple Watch in recent years has been battery life. So the demand for the smart watch’s power saving mode has been high. It took a while, but the new Apple Watch Series 8 finally has this feature.

Apple Watch Series 8
Series 8 (Photo: Mark Hoffman/OMT)

For example, functions like always availableScreen is turned off to extend battery life. A useful app that is not only available for Apple Watch Series 8.

Class 4 power saving mode is available onwards and can be made available via a software update.

The new Series 8, SE and Ultra

While the iPhone 14 was the star of the show, the Apple Watch also attracted a lot of attention. In addition to the Series 8, we’ve also been introduced to a cheaper SE and the new Ultra. The latter is perhaps the most interesting development, given that Apple is addressing an entirely new target group.

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The new smartwatch is extremely powerful, has an adaptive design and provides useful functions for enthusiastic athletes. From walkers to runners and divers: a smartwatch should be able to power every athlete.

Curious about our first impression of the Apple Watch Ultra? You can read it in the article below!

Apple Watch Ultra: First impression of a smartwatch monster

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