December 5, 2023

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Apple will launch a larger iPhone SE with a 5.7-inch screen in 2023

Apple will launch a larger iPhone SE with a 5.7-inch screen in 2023

The iPhone SE remains a good device, but the 4.7-inch screen is too small for 2022. According to a new rumor, Apple will finally release a larger version next year. It will have a 5.7 inch screen.

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‘Bigger iPhone SE on the way’

You do not need the latest from the latest, but do you find the current iPhone SE A little too small? Then we may have good news. According to insiders Ross Young, which often publishes correct information about future Apple products, the tech giant is working on a larger variant of SE. It may be on the market as early as 2023, although it could also be in 2024.

According to Young, Apple hesitated between a 5.7 or 6.1 inch screen. The check was reduced to 5.7 inches. This seems to be a logical decision. This makes the affordable device slightly smaller than more expensive models like iPhone 13 in a iPhone 13 Pro.

Nothing is known yet about the design and specifications of the larger iPhone SE. If Apple retains the Touch ID button and the huge bezels, the smartphone will likely grow a little larger than iPhone 8 Plus. It had a 5.5 inch screen. When the next SE with a more modern design with Face ID It may be a variable slightly smaller than iPhone 11 Pro.

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Current iPhone SE

First, iPhone SE is small in size

Apple is expected to release a new “mini” device already this spring iPhone SE 2022 From. It will likely have the same 4.7-inch LCD screen as the current model. He’s getting a new therapist. will be around A15 Bionic, which we also find in iPhone 13 models. According to Young, the device may be called “iPhone SE + 5G”. We are taking this rumor with caution. Apple has never added the term “5G” to the name of its products.

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