September 27, 2022

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Approval of compulsory vaccination of health care personnel

Approval of compulsory vaccination of health care personnel

The federal government has finally reached an agreement on a vaccination obligation for health care workers. A decision was made earlier this week, but PS president Paul Magnette later questioned the compromise.

Source: Special Reports, Belgium

Unvaccinated health care providers may continue to operate through April 1, provided they undergo a PCR test every 72 hours. After that, they are separated in principle, with the right to unemployment benefits. This dismissal can be appealed, so that the caregiver keeps his contract, but without pay. If the caregiver continues to resign after this, the right to unemployment benefits will forfeit. It was decided on Friday at the nuclear meeting.

The agreement is still before the National Action Council. It will be able to propose amendments between the first and second reading of the text by the Council of Ministers. It will be considered by the government if it is unanimously approved in the NAR. In addition, it was also agreed that the Corona Commissioner has until January 15 to conduct an analysis of the general vaccination commitment. On Wednesday, the advisory committee directed the commissioner to consider how to increase the vaccination rate in our country further. Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo said at the time that imposing a commitment was one option.

Last Monday it was already decided that health care workers should be vaccinated. Effective April 1, refusal will lead to dismissal, as was said at the time. PS President Paul Magnette later questioned the compromise. He explained that compulsory separation was not possible as long as the vaccination obligation does not apply to the entire population. That’s why we met again on Friday. (hh, sgg)

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