February 1, 2023

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ARBITRATION RULES: Lil’ Klein has to return two very expensive hours to ex-fiancé Jimmy Weiss | showbiz

look. He hears Lil’ Klein’s voice again for the first time

According to the judge, Jurek Scholten, as the rapper’s full name, gave one of the watches to Weiss as a ‘push gift’ — a gift to hand Leo’s son — as a gift, the other watch went to their underage son. Weiss says she got the 3 o’clock for her birthday, but according to the judge, that’s not true.

In addition to watches, it also includes crockery, Playstation controllers, decorative pillows, a blender and a toaster. The parties were given time in November to work out a solution together and prove what they do or don’t have. The parties failed to do so. Some of these claims have been denied, while evidence may be presented on the other. The rapper also demanded compensation from Weiss, as she was going to destroy his house. The court refused. The house was indeed damaged after she left, but it’s not because of Weiss.

Scholten and Weiss ended their relationship a few months ago. In February, photos surfaced showing the rapper pulling his girlfriend out of a car and sticking her head between the car door. Weiss later reported an assault. This issue is still going on. On January 17, the two will face each other in an Amsterdam court. This case concerned Scholten’s visitation arrangement with the couple’s three-year-old son Leo.

look. Is this scandal too big for Lil Klein?

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