May 30, 2023

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Are you distracted from your car’s touch screen? Then you risk that fine.| And they say that

Using a touchscreen in a car is even more dangerous than driving while drunk. It was revealed yesterday on the VTM program “Zeggen Dat”. But how high is the fine if, for example, you quickly enter an address at a red light? And is it punished more severely than being called behind the wheel? We asked the VIAS Traffic Institute.

Why is using your touch screen dangerous?

“According to the Highway Code, the driver must be in control of his vehicle at all times,” says Stef Willems of VIAS. “Using a touch screen or touch screen can prevent this. The system is very sensitive, so you are more likely to make a mistake when entering an address, for example. And every second you don’t look at the road increases the risk of an accident.”

This was also evident yesterday in “Zeggen Dat”. When test participants Andy Pillman and Dina Tersago covered 50 km / h and had to stop abruptly in search of an obstacle, they did not stop until after 39 meters. Did they do the same emergency stop without distraction? Then they stopped after about 30 metres. Distance can make all the difference in life-threatening situations.

Is drunk driving safer?

No, that’s not true at all. In the “Zeggen Dat” test, Andy and Dina were able to brake a little earlier if they drank alcohol than if they were distracted by their touchscreen. But this isn’t evidence that drunk driving is more “Safety. For example, a lot depends on how much alcohol you’ve drunk and how tired you are. The underlying message should remain that alcohol use and touch screens are life threatening, and that you can respond as quickly as you can.”

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What is the distraction fine?

The Highway Code literally does not say that using a touch screen is prohibited. So if you quickly change the radio station at a red light, the dealer will not fine you for it. However, this is the case if it determines that you are no longer able to control your car because of the screen. Your touch. Then it comes to a third-degree infringement, and you pay a fine of 174 euros plus administration costs.”

If you are caught making a phone call behind the wheel, you will receive the same fine: “You are no longer allowed to hold a smartphone or place it on your lap while driving. You may only use the device as a GPS device or music player, although it must be In true holder.”

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