June 9, 2023

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Are you having trouble filling out your tax return? Register for free in the Tax Marathon | Michael Moss

For most Flemings, the annual tax return means stress. It can still be difficult to find your way through the maze of symbols in your tax letter. A mistake could cost you a lot of money. HLN and VTM NEWS will come to your aid on Saturday, June 3 in the Tax Marathon.

More than 50 tax experts are available 12 hours a day to help you To help you complete and/or verify your tax return. The event will be held in the DPG Media building at Antwerp. You can free Come, but you must register in advance. Be quick, places are limited.

Book here Save your time and get more out of your tax bill.

You can expect this on June 3

Need help completing your tax letter? Do you want to examine your tax proposal? Or do you want to know what is the best approach for you? It is possible at Tax Marathon. Choose the time of your choice on June 3 between 8 am and 8 pm. One of our experts will answer your questions. Those who want can also file the tax return on the spot. Tax expert Michelle Mouse and news anchor Kathryn Murkirk will also be in attendance.

Who are the tax experts?

A team of over 50 tax experts will be available for 12 hours to personally assist you in completing and/or verifying your tax return. This team is made up of experts from FPS Finance and independent tax professionals from the Fiscaal Ideal working group, the Institute of Tax Advisers and Accountants (ITAA) and ACV.

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Who can visit our experts?

The advice relates to personal income tax only. Therefore, the HLN tax marathon is not for self-employed people, they should ask their accountant for advice. Readers with foreign income can drop by, and we also provide an answer to their questions. Each expert takes fifteen minutes to consider your questions, so try to phrase your questions as concretely as possible.

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