September 30, 2023

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Arnaud and Melanie after winning the "Reggie Academy": "School should make way" |  showbiz

Arnaud and Melanie after winning the “Reggie Academy”: “School should make way” | showbiz

TelevisionA new life could begin for Melanie Amulo (18 years old) and Arno Lewitt (22 years old). The Reggie Academy winners are looking confidently into the future, although that’s also a big question mark. “Now we have to wait and see the next steps, there is no pressure from Reggie in any way.”

Watch below how Melanie and Arnaud won the entire Sportpaleis ‘Reggie Academy’:

They spent the evening of their lives this weekend. Melanie and Arnaud were not only elected as new collectors of the most famous producers in Flanders, but also sang their first single in front of 20,400 partygoers at the most complete Sportpaleis venues ever. This has been achieved. “But I don’t have a hangover, I still have to drive home,” Arnault laughs the day after his victory. “I actually haven’t recovered yet. For now, it still feels weird and uncomfortable, I’m told this is normal.”

The same goes for Melanie. “I still remember my memories, but I’m also a little confused when I think about everything that happened to us,” it seems. “Without a doubt my favorite moment of the show was when the three of us sang ‘Hang on.’ For the first time in front of such an audience, it’s not normal. Hani who made it to the third final was there too at the time, and she deserved it just as hard as we did” .

The school

It’s calm before the next storm Monday. Their first single will be released on Thursday, “If I Lose Myself.” “We’re going to be showing it to radio stations and we’ve also planned for a number of press moments,” Arnault says. “After that, we will see what comes our way, we just have to wait and see the next steps. But the artist’s life is definitely something I dream about. I hope I can continue to develop and only expand my musical path.”

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Arno has been organizing his life around music for some time now. In his music teaching training, he hit the pause button to get everything out. “The school has to make way now, but if I want, I can take it back at any time,” Arnault says. “Now I see how busy she is, then I want to finish the lessons again.” This is also what Melanie, a first-year law student, thinks. “Of course you wish you would win, but you don’t plan your life for it. In the short term I will incorporate it, but it remains to be seen what comes next.”

Directed by Akedemi, Melanie, Arno, Han © JOKKO

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Winning is a beautiful thing, but it also creates stress. “That’s right,” Arnaud nodded. “Of course you want to do it right, but I also learned that not everything can go right the first time. On Saturday, for example, my voice box fell so that I could no longer hear myself sing in front of an entire sports palace. Fortunately. I picked it up quickly afterwards, but moments like this are part of it. Anyway, I don’t feel like Reggie is under pressure. He’s excited and will calmly guide us.”

Melanie, Arno, Han

Melanie, Arno, Han © JOKKO

The formulation of their ultimate goal in music is not clear to both of them. After all, Arnault and Melanie have already checked out the largest hall in the country. “That’s right,” Melanie laughs. “But I also write my songs and my music, when I dream out loud, one day I’ll be there with my own songs.” Exactly what Arno thought. “Who knows if that will ever happen,” laughs Limberger, who brought an entire fan base from Saudi Arabia to Sportpaleis on Saturday. “But the most important thing is that I just want to keep performing. And preferably as much as possible.”