June 2, 2023

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Only Puts A Bodybuilder In The Bath: “Sometimes It Makes Me Cry” | celebrities

About forty years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger became known as a bodybuilder, an appearance that also did not harm him in his film career. But these days his biceps are less bulging, his steps a little stiff and his elbows sore. That’s what Schwarzenegger says in Men’s Health. Does he still practice bodybuilding poses? “Yes, but only in the shower,” it sounds, “because sometimes it makes me cry.”

In the interview, Schwarzenegger also talked about his long career – as a bodybuilder, as an actor, even as a judge. The letter reads, “I never planned to be an action hero. I never planned to be governor of California. See there’s a void, and then I jump in.” And that’s how he now wants to promote wellness, with his annual “Arnold Sports Festival” and free newsletters that should inspire people to exercise, just as Yuri Vlasov did with him years ago: Come on, be Yuri Vlasov,” he explains. them all. Then they will eventually become someone, and they will do the same for someone else.”

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