November 30, 2022

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Arrange your bedroom, is it really necessary?

As usual, Swiss Sense opens World Sleep Day. And since we spend an average of 8 hours in dreamland each day, we demand more attention today to the importance of a good night’s sleep. In this post, tidying coach Kristel shares four sluggish tidying tips for efficiently tidying your bedroom. Because a stylish bedroom is where your day begins and ends with peace of mind. Are you already spontaneously yawning when you are reading this article? Then read on, you will be forever grateful to us!

start small

Start each day with a tidy bed. Open your curtains fully, close your wardrobe doors and make sure there are no clothes on the floor.


Repeat the above every day and make it a habit to get rid of the things you use right away. I do it later it doesn’t help. So do it now. Any task that takes less than 5 minutes is best done right away.


  • By folding vertically in cabinets, you can see what you have more quickly, save space and reduce the chance of wrinkles.
  • Use the space under the bed. This is a wasted space that is not used very often.
  • A large wardrobe is a must: this way you have enough storage space for your clothes, shoes and furnishings
  • Optionally, you can put some chests or drawers on the dresser or in the closet where you store seasonal clothes or accessories.
  • Find a nice storage unit for the things you need often. A nice basket or box, a nice bedside table, put the book you’re reading in it, your water bottle and earplugs. This way you have everything close at hand without looking cluttered.
  • Bonus tip: If you’re really short on storage space (in a small room), SMART Storage or the Lifestyle Clove Footstool might be something for you!
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Organizing your bedroom is a must

carnation footrest

Avoid unwanted magnets

  • the chair. You know, that lonely chair ends up in your clothes? Eventually, they form a mountain, you no longer know which clothes to clean or which to wash. Close your eyes and forget? Unfortunately, this does not always work. We can’t tell our brains much anymore, not even that there’s no clutter when it’s there. throw it away. Fold clothes you can still wear right away and put them in your closet. The rest can be put in the laundry basket. Do it now, remember?
  • Open cabinets. Sure, on Pinterest it looks just like that. But in real life, this is not soothing. We don’t all have the skills to juggle beautiful vases, books, and figurines, do we?
  • Laundry baskets in the bedroom. They shout to your mind again that you have a mountain of work waiting for you. So not exactly after all.

Organizing your bedroom is a must

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