March 30, 2023

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Arrest of Russian forces in the outskirts of Lyschansk |  Abroad

Arrest of Russian forces in the outskirts of Lyschansk | Abroad

In eastern Ukraine, Russian troops were frozen in the outskirts of Lyschansk. This was reported by the Ukrainian army. According to the Kyiv General Staff, significant losses were inflicted on the Russian army, which must now send reserve forces to the front. The Russians are trying to encircle the city, which the governor of Luhansk says is now in Russian crossfire.

The day started badly for the Ukrainian fighters. In places Solote and Hirske (South Lysychansk; ed.) were surrounded by the enemy. After that, the Ukrainian army was forced to admit that Russian troops had captured parts of Hersk. There is still heavy fighting around Hirsk.

Lysychansk is the last major city in Luhansk region that is still fully under Ukrainian control. On the other side of the Seversky Donets is the city of Severodonetsk, already largely occupied by Russia. Hundreds of civilians are trapped in a chemical factory.

“There is no safe city in Donetsk”

“No city in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region is safe from residents,” said regional governor Pavlo Kirilenko. “The fighting between the Ukrainian and Russian armies is very fierce.”

Kirilenko said the residents’ survival is “extremely dangerous” for now. The evacuation of civilians continued unabated, and 251 people were taken to safety yesterday.

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“The situation in the region is still very difficult, and the enemy is trying to focus efforts,” she added. “In particular on the Bashmut-Lysichansk road, the search for a way out is especially dangerous. The main task is to stop the enemy’s advance towards the important cities of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. ” There are still 45,000 residents in Kramatorsk, a city tens of kilometers from the front line.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that on the southern front, Russian forces bombed Ukrainian army fuel tanks and other military equipment near Mykolaiv with “high-precision weapons”. Mykolaiv, a river port and shipbuilding center near the Black Sea, is an obstacle that Russian forces must overcome to push into the far western city of Odessa.