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Asbestat is mandatory for home sales from November 23: How much does it cost?  And how long do you have to wait for it?  |  MyGuide

Asbestat is mandatory for home sales from November 23: How much does it cost? And how long do you have to wait for it? | MyGuide

liviusAnyone selling a home or other building built before 2001 must take an asbestos test as of November 23. “Without this certification, there can be no question of selling,” says Barn Hamlink, Asbestplatform Director. How much does this certification cost exactly? What does accompanying research mean concretely? Construction site Livios Arrange everything.

Written by Matthias Marin, in collaboration with Livius

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In concrete terms, it is like this: asbestos testing is mandatory for the sale of all buildings built in Flanders before 2001 and for which the sales contract is drawn up on or after November 23, 2022. By 2032, every building built before 2001 must undergo asbestos testing. Asbestos testing is part of the Flemish Asbestos Reduction Policy. The Flemish government wants to map all the asbestos found in Flemish buildings and homes built before 2001 as soon as possible. This is necessary, because in Flanders there is still an estimated 2.3 million tons of asbestos in 2.7 million buildings.

Where can you find asbestos in your home? View a handy overview here.

Costs add up quickly

Only a certified asbestos expert can perform an asbestos test. “The certificate lists what materials in the building contain asbestos, what is the condition of asbestos and how you can safely handle it. But also how it can be removed,” says Barn Hamlink. According to Hamlink, such certification is important, because people are often still ignorant, as well as about the legislation on asbestos. “The law prohibits tampering with an asbestos roof or wall. But you still see asbestos roofs filled with solar panels. These are always serious violations of the legislation,” says Hamlink.

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It is not cheap. For example, the price depends on the number of samples to be taken. On average, you have to count on about 750 euros, excluding VAT.

Barn Hamlink, Asbestos Platform Manager

Investigate asbestos and obtain certification at the seller’s expense. It’s not cheap, Hamlink admits. There is a fixed and variable component to pricing. For example, the price depends on the number of samples to be taken. On average, you have to count on about 750 euros, excluding VAT.”

Anyone looking for a recognized inspector will find List on OVAM. There are currently about a hundred of them, but more will be added soon. “But right now there’s very little in supply,” Hamlink says. “Between applying and receiving the certificate, you should definitely take into account a three to five week waiting period.”


“We’re already calculating the risks during the inspection process,” Hamlink continues. “An asbestos safe home will receive a poor rating on the certificate. This does not mean the property is uninhabitable, but it will result in significant depreciation. Potential buyers will consider the cost of asbestos removal. These quickly add up to several thousand euros. Conversely From that, the same applies: A “good” certification is an additional asset when selling, although it remains to be seen what impact testing asbestos with or without risk applications will have on the value of the building.”

“There are no loopholes,” Hamlink explains. “The regulations require the owner to communicate the contents of a valid asbestos test to the prospective buyer at the time of settlement prior to selling the property, or at the time of sale when the transfer is without compromise. In practice, the buyer wants to know where the asbestos is in the building before bidding due to the potential impact on renewal costs.

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Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal is not currently mandatory. If you want to do this, it is better to take into account the long waiting time. “There are fewer recognized asbestos removers than there are inspectors,” Hamlink says. “You can easily count a few months before someone comes. There are also many ‘cowboys’, so here too I recommend that you always choose a certified contractor or a recognized remover. As mentioned, costs build up quickly, but it depends on the situation. Should you Remove the roof first, what is the roof area involved, etc. But cheap? No, definitely not.”

Correctly and safely remove asbestos? Here you will find all the information on how to do this.

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