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Asgreen loses a piece of his ear, Merlier has elbow surgery: Paris-Roubaix Medical Bulletin |  Paris Rubix

Asgreen loses a piece of his ear, Merlier has elbow surgery: Paris-Roubaix Medical Bulletin | Paris Rubix

CyclingAlways greater than any other course: the medical leaflet from Paris Rubix† So far for many of the founders, it’s been licking wounds again. Kasper Asgren lost a piece of his ear, and Tim Merler underwent surgery on his elbow after arriving.

Even before the first cobbled section, Kasper Asgreen was already involved in Sunday’s crash, in which Victor Campinaarts was also involved. “The fall is ‘dirty,’” says Wilfrid Peters, Quick Step Alpha Vinyl Team Leader. “Casper suffers mainly from neck and face injuries. Reportedly, the Dane also lost a small piece of his ear and left an imprint of a gear in his leg.”

Even Bos van Wallers, he was constantly stuck between support wagons and was struggling to get back up. Asgreen will be in Belgium for a while, because his girlfriend Gabrielle (Pilote Fortin, editor) will be riding the Women’s Walloon Arrow on Wednesday.” Florian Senchal also fell in the final due to his fan’s neglect, but luckily did not suffer any serious injuries.

Casper Asgren (left) with Florian Senchal in Woods of Wallers. © BELGA

Tim Merler comes home after surgery and spends a night in the hospital: ‘It’s usually fine for Giroud’

Tim Merlier reached Roubaix in 40th, with a agonizing cut in his right elbow. From Vélodrome he went directly to the hospital, where he immediately underwent “surgery”. “Essentially, the wound was opened up a little more so you could clean it properly and completely,” he explained. “The bursa was removed and some dead flesh was cut off. The wound was partially sutured and drainage placed as well because the dirt was all the way to the other side of my elbow – and the stones seemed to protrude into the muscle.”

After a night on the lookout, Merler was allowed to go home. The infection must now be closely monitored. Normally I left today (yesterday, editor) on altitude training for the Giro, but after my grandmother’s death that got put off anyway. My participation in the Giro d’Italia will not, in principle, be jeopardized.”

Tim Merler.

Tim Merler. © BELGA

They also came from “hell”:

* Louis Asci (Groupama-FDJ): Injured left knee, treated in hospital

* Victor Campinaarts (Loto-Sudal): wrist and back injury, probably no fractures, ankle ligament injury

* Clement Davy (Groupama-FDJ): Elbow and left shoulder injuries

* Felix Gross (UAE): left shoulder injury and taken to hospital

* Mads Pedersen (Trek Segafredo): Contusions on the right hand

* Rasmus Tiller (Uno-X): fracture of the left clavicle, interrupted for several weeks

* Kenneth Van Rooy (Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise): Fractured left clavicle in four places, urgent hospital surgery.

Louis Eski.

Louis Eski. © Photo News

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