December 8, 2022

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ASML receives first order for new euv machine and records business volume increase of 33 percent – Computer – News

ASML achieved a sales volume increase of 33 percent in 2021 compared to 2020 and the manufacturer expects a sales volume increase of 20 percent for 2022. The fire at the German plant will not have a significant impact on the production of EUV machines. ASML has received an order for a new euv machine.

ASML’s annual turnover was 18.6 billion euros, compared to 14 billion euros in 2020. 42 euv chips machine delivered in 2021 This resulted in a turnover of 6.3 billion euros. Chip manufacturers such as TSMC, Intel and Samsung are ordering euv machines to produce the latest generation of processors and the memory market is also shifting to euv technology. In 2020, ASML delivered 31 EUV machines, representing a turnover of €4.5 billion.

In 2021, EUV Systems was responsible for 46 percent of ASML’s revenue. ArFi conventional lithography machines account for 36 percent of the systems revenue. ASML delivered 81 of these systems versus 68 in 2020. Chip manufacturers expanded production capacity last year due to high demand and issues related to chip shortages.

“We are seeing higher demand for our systems than our production capacity can accommodate,” ASML CEO Peter Weininge reported. In order to provide customers with required EUV devices faster, ASML will conduct fewer tests in its own factory, but has moved these devices to customer sites. Final tests should then give a final answer about the correct operation, after which the customer can approve the device. ASML can then credit the return on delivery of those machines with a delay. ASML, for example, expects that the sales volume of the six EUV machines that the company will deliver this year will not be achieved until 2023.

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In the fourth quarter of 2021, ASML received an order for Twinscan EXE:5000. This is a machine that is still in the research and development stage and operates on a 0.55 numerical aperture basis and can thus characterize chip structures with smaller features even than current euv machines. It works on the basis of a numerical aperture of 0.33. ASML now has an improved variant of EXE:5000 in the form of EXE:5200.

In early 2022, Intel developed 1st order for 5200 euv . machine, both companies report. They expect production of the so-called EUV technology to begin in 2025, and the machine is supposed to achieve a throughput of 200 chips per hour. In 2018, Intel was the first to order an EXE:5000 from ASML. The manufacturer hopes to be able to quickly use high-quality EUV machines with the experience gained. This technology should last for several generations of a decade from 2025. At the time, chip manufacturers indicated their nodes in angstroms, where this is still done in nanometers.

ASML reported little about the consequences of the fire at a German EUV machine production facility Wednesday morning. At the beginning of January, the fire broke out hit production parts of EUV machines. “We believe we can deal with the consequences of the fire without a significant impact on systems production in 2022,” the ASML wanted. An explanation of the consequences may follow later on Wednesday.