July 21, 2024

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Astronomers create a kind of Google Maps of a part of space |  Technique

Astronomers create a kind of Google Maps of a part of space | Technique

To give an idea of ​​how tiny the planet Earth and even the Milky Way galaxy are in the entire universe, astronomers have created an interactive map. It can travel through more than 200,000 galaxies.

the so-called map of the universe Shows all known galaxies from Earth’s viewpoint. Each pixel on the map is a galaxy containing billions of stars.

The interactive map was developed by astronomers in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and using data collected over the past two decades by Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

This is the first time this information has been publicly available. Previously, only scientists could access this data.

on YouTube one Post the video From Johns Hopkins University which gives a good impression of the scale of the map. The interactive map shows only a part of the entire universe.

Only the central part of the universe is included in the map. It contains more than 200,000 known galaxies. This already looks very complete, but the US space agency NASA It is estimated that there may in fact be as many as one hundred billion galaxies.

It is possible to scroll through the map and “travel” to the edge of the visible universe. It took the light from these distant galaxies 13.6 billion years to reach Earth. By zooming in on the map, the user goes back in time. This is indicated by the time bar.