March 24, 2023

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At Adele's request, Spotify disables the toggle

At Adele’s request, Spotify disables the toggle

British singer Adele doesn’t want the songs on her new album to be played in random order. I asked Spotify to remove the toggle button from now on when listening to albums, and it did.

Adele thanked Spotify for agreeing to her request. “It’s not for nothing that we carefully craft songs for albums,” the singer wrote on Twitter. “Our work tells a story and you should hear it as we mean it.”

By the way, the shuffle option is not completely disabled in the streaming service. After clicking on any number, the option will appear again. When asked why, Spotify has yet to respond.

30 It was Adele’s first album in six years. It was available on Spotify immediately after its release on Friday – unlike its previous record 25, which was only available on CD or for download when it was released in 2015. Only half a year later 25 Listen to via streaming services.

Adele’s new album is also available on vinyl, slowing the vinyl industry and raising the cost of recordings. (gvds)

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