December 9, 2022

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Atletico fans search for Thibaut Courtois name card after the president's call |  noticeable

Atletico fans search for Thibaut Courtois name card after the president’s call | noticeable

Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois will never be Atletico’s best friend again. After a call from Atletico president Cerezo, they removed a Courtois board at the Wanda Metropolitano, Atletico’s stadium, today.

“If anyone wants to remove Courtois’ name tag, bring with him a shovel and a shovel and remove the tag,” Atletico president Enrique Cerezo said in an interview after Real Madrid won the Champions League.

Atlético fans obeyed their president. Later in the day, photos emerged of Courtois’ engraved nameplate falling down a staircase.

This time I’m on the right side of history

Thibaut Courtois to the Champions League Final

It is clear that Atletico fans will never accept that Courtois does good again with the opponent.

But there was another reason for the collapse of the painting. Courtois statement before the Champions League final.

“This time I’m on the right side of history,” the goalkeeper said just before the Liverpool game.

Thus, he met the Atletico fans on his chest. In 2014, Courtois was on the “bad side of history” when he lost the Champions League final to Real Madrid as Atletico goalkeeper.

From rats to beer

Thibaut Courtois’ board at the Wanda Metropolitano has been a target of Atletico fans several times in recent years.

From plush mice to spitting and beer. Courtois’ nameplate has already endured a lot.

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